“To see the lassies smile,
laughing all the while,
at my curious style,
would set your heart a bubblin’…”


Formed in 2016, Three Stone Fire is a dynamic four-piece traditional Celtic band known for their engaging live performances. Deeply inspired by iconic groups like The Dubliners and The Pogues, they bring a delivery that’s distinctly their own. Their sets cover a broad spectrum of sounds from raucous broadsides and slow emotive ballads to fast-paced jigs. Whether it’s through their spirited instrumentals or heartfelt vocals, the unique fire behind their music always shines through.

The Band's STory

Meeting in 2015 at a traditional Irish session on the steps of a 200-year-old church turned music conservatory, they have been friends and bandmates ever since. They now bring their energetic style of traditional music to every possible venue, from festivals and wineries to farmers’ markets and friends living rooms. On the rare occasions when they’re not doing something music related, they can be found farming their respective lands, growing vegetables and flowers for market.

Despite their dedication to traditional Celtic tunes and songs, Three Stone Fire draws an unmistakable intensity from some members’ roots in the punk rock scene. It’s hard for them to pinpoint whether their largest personal influences are The Dubliners, Planxty, or The Pogues.

Three Stone Fire has become an integral part of the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations at the iconic Hopshire, just outside of Ithaca, NY, playing to a packed house there for over six years. They’ve also recently performed Scottish sets for Robert Burns suppers and, in 2023, taught Scottish country dancing to a group of over 100 people.

After years of performing and fielding questions about recordings, rumors are now brewing about the possibility of recording an album—so stay tuned!

The Band Members

Guitar • Lead Vocals • Bodhrán

Roger grew up deeply embedded in the Southern California music scene, where he met—and eventually married—the fiddler. He was compelled to learn guitar after hearing his grandfather tell a story about a mint condition 1964 Harmony Sovereign guitar, kept in the closet and never played, that he had won in a poker game in 1965. After the story, his grandfather offered it to him on one condition: Roger had to learn to play it first. He has been happily learning and playing guitar ever since.

Banish Misfortune on Guitar

Youngiee Quennell


Youngiee was forced to play classical piano and violin from an early age, and vividly remembers hiding under the piano and not opening the door when her instructor showed up. This sentiment eventually changed when, as an adult, she stumbled upon someone selling cheap violins at the farmers market. Her father-in-law bought one for her, and after she started playing again, she quickly realized it was not the violin she disliked, it was the lessons! She then purchased ‘The Folksong Fake Book’ to play music for her newborn daughter. Folk music, especially Irish and Scottish, has been a passion for her ever since. You may also recognize Youngiee from her other band, Motherwort.

Ezra Delaney


Ezra grew up in a proudly Irish-American musical family, playing the concertina with his siblings since he was 16 years old. His instrument of choice is his prized 100-year-old Wheatstone English concertina, safely kept in a wooden case handmade by his brother. With it, he has searched out Celtic music in every city he has found himself in, both local and abroad, looking for unique tunes and experiences. If you’re lucky, you might also hear him at a session near you with his tenor banjo or mandolin, or playing in his other band, Se Leigheas.

Green Cottage on Concertina

Romneya Quennell

Flute • Vocals

Romneya has been surrounded by traditional music since before she was born. Her parents would often find her in the living room, reading songbooks as if they were nursery rhymes. Her instrument of choice, a cherished silver flute, has been on permanent loan to her since 2018, and was given to her by a good friend’s mother who had owned it since she was a child in the 1960s. You can often find Romneya playing the penny whistle, guitar, or harp anytime she’s not studying for her chemistry exams!

Some of Our Favorite Performers

In no particular order

The Dubliners, Tom Lenihan, Clannad, Dave Swarbrick, Stephen Cooney, Paddy Cronin, Circled by Hounds, Ewan MacColl, The Pogues, The Watersons, Seamus Begley, Jerry Holland, Ed Reavey, and more…

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